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Welcome to Flex & Feed (formally BB Nutrition and Dietetics)!


Here at Flex & Feed (formally BB Nutrition and Dietetics), we aim to help you to

b YOUR best


Our mission is to support you to enjoy food. If you have a nutrition-related chronic condition then we can help you to understand your condition and how different types of food impact on it. We will teach you the skills needed for you to take control of your health and be resilient to all the misinformation that’s available. We believe that having a healthy relationship with food is just as important as what you eat which means that we won’t tell you to stop eating the foods you love or unnecessarily cut out food groups. We understand that we're all different and that there is no one perfect nutrition answer that suits everyone. That’s why we perform a thorough assessment of your life, challenges, eating habits and work with you to develop priorities and goals. We help you to get back in touch with your bodies wisdom so that you can feel happy with food. Belinda is a friendly online dietitian and nutritionist helping people across Australia.


Why See A Dietitian

Biggest bang for your buck
We'll talk to you about strategies that are going to lead to the most gain for the least pain. It's also negotiable. Are there foods you can't live without? We can help to develop a healthy, nutritious and enjoyable diet with the foods you love.

It works
Dietitians know that the advice that they provide works because it's based on the latest scientific evidence and we see results.

It's about you
Everyone is different so we don't provide a one size fits all approach. We perform a thorough initial assessment so we get to know about you before we develop a plan together.

We consider all the factors
If you have a combination of different medical conditions we can help you to understand how they are impacted by your diet and work out the best way to manage them. 

You're in the loop
Do you ever leave a consult and feel like your not sure what your supposed to do? We make sure you understand what you need to know and provide email support if you have any questions along the way. 
We give you all the information
There are no tricks to make sure you keep coming back or any ongoing fees. We aim to teach you how to be in control of your own health. 

Whatever you're going through, now is the best time to improve your health!

Our Dietitians Help With 

Online dietitian appointments can help you manage and improve a variety of medical conditions