Diabetes & Impaired Fasting Glucose

Diabetes can be a tricky condition to manage however a little bit of extra information can make a world of difference. 

We want to empower you to take control of your blood sugar levels and will teach you things such as:
Which foods affect your blood sugars and which ones don't
How to spread your carbohydrates across the day
How to interpret your blood sugar readings and the effect that food has on them

There is no one perfect diet for diabetes which means you won't need to completely change what you are already doing, just make a few modifications. If your interested in taking control of your diabetes book an appointment with us today!


High Blood Pressure

There are lots of dietary factors that can affect your blood pressure however the types of foods you eat plays an important role. We can help to take away some of the confusion and work with you to develop a tailored plan. We can help you to improve your blood pressure by making simple changes to your diet and empower you to understand which products to choose at the supermarket. 

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High Cholesterol & High Triglycerides

High cholesterol levels affect lots of Australians and we want to help you to improve yours. We will help you to find the right balance whist including foods that will improve your heart health. Sometimes resolving your high cholesterol is simple and may just mean making some simple swaps in your diet. If weight loss is a goal for you, we can also develop some strategies to assist you with this. 
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Lose Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while now and just can't make it work?
Are you confused by all the nutrition advice and don't know where to start?
Have you had success in the past but can't get back to where you need to be?
Are you sick of diets but want to improve your health?

We want to help you to enjoy food again and use a mindful approach to eating. This means that we won't just talk to you about what we eat but also why we eat. We aim to take the stress out of eating and help you to reconnect with the enjoyment of food and moving our bodies.
We take a holistic approach and work with BB Body Fitness who offers individual, group and online solutions to help you to find what you enjoy and support you through it. 

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Food Intolerance

Are you experiencing any of the following?
Abdominal pain

If you are, you're probably pretty fed up and want to get back to the way things were before. We help to alleviate your symptoms through advising you on an appropriate dietary pattern to get you body back on track e.g. low FODMAP, RPAH Elimination Diet or fibre modification. Once your symptoms have resolved we will help you to identify which foods are causing the problem and a dose that your body is happy with. 

Maybe you are already following a low FODMAP diet and want to back to normality without all the restrictions? We can help you to identify which foods are exacerbating your symptoms so that you can normalise your diet and ensure that your gut bacteria remain healthy. 

I strongly recommend that you get professional advice and support when following these diets to prevent any unnecessary restriction and to ensure that your symptoms are resolved in the shortest period of time.
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Eating Disorders

Whether you have had an eating disorder for a while or finding that your eating behaviours and thoughts around food are starting to affect your life, I can help you get back on track. We live in a crazy environment where it is really tough to tell what normal, healthy eating is. Is it following a restrictive meal plan? Is it counting calories? Is it always eating perfectly? is it avoiding gluten? It's absolutely isn't and that type of thinking isn't very helpful for our long-term physical, emotional and psychological health. Healthy eating isn't just about what we eat but is also about how we feel about food. 
I can help you to:
Work out what normal, healthy eating is
Help you to nourish your body and make sure it is getting what it needs to work
Help you to overcome some of your fears and anxieties around certain foods
Provide the care and support you need for success
Not sure if seeing a dietitian is the right step for you but need some support? Give us a call and see if we're a good fit.

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Vegetarian & Vegan

Each food group contains important nutrients so when we cut one out we need to make sure we are going to get those nutrients from somewhere else.
You may be missing out on the following nutrients:
Meat - protein, iron, B12, zinc, omega 3
Eggs - protein, selenium, biotin, B12
Dairy - protein, calcium, riboflavin, B12

If you are new to being a vegetarian/vegan it can be a little tough trying to work out what meals to have as Australians typically start with the meat and go from there. We use a food analysis program and work from your current dietary pattern to develop a plan to ensure that you are getting the nutrients your body needs to work. 

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Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is a condition where consuming gluten causes damage to the small intestine and prevents the absorption of valuable nutrients. Some people experience debilitating symptoms after eating gluten whilst others will not feel any different despite serious damage occurring in their small intestine. It's important that those with coeliac disease completely remove gluten from their diet as even a crumb can cause damage.
We will teach you how to read labels for gluten-containing foods and prevent cross-contamination in your home. We will help you to prepare meals that assist the whole family and ensure that you are getting enough of key nutrients to prevent complications in the future. 

If you suspect that you have coeliac disease it is very important that you see a GP and get the appropriate diagnosis before restricting gluten. 

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Other Conditions

We can also help with:
Food Allergy 
Diverticular Disease

Maternal Nutrition
Fussy Eating
Kidney Disease 
Liver Disease
GORD/ Reflux

Is there something not listed that you're looking for? Send us an inquiry, we can either assist you or point you in the right direction.