Goal setting is an important component of initiating change however have the types of goals you've been setting for weight, food and nutrition been holding you back?

We're going to go though 8 steps to help you succeed this year.


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Choose something that you actually want to change, not something that you feel you should

We are surrounded by external messages telling us that the way we are right now isn’t good enough. This can make us feel pressured to make changes that we are not ready for, or it may make us choose something completely different to what we want to do.

Find out what the goals are that YOU actually want to achieve

Choose something you have control over Are your goals something that you are able to directly control? If you really think about it, we actually don't have much control over our weight specifically. What we do have control over is all the tiny factors that contribute to our weight that occur over a day, week or year.

Focus on the little achievements rather than the big goal.

Make your goals SMART

You've probably heard it before but let me break it down.

Specific Goals like "I'm going to be a better me" or "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to get a beach body" aren't that great because they aren't very specific. What are the factors that are going to make you achieve that goal? Write all these factors down and then choose a couple that you know you can achieve and will have the biggest impact.

Measurable This means putting a number on it so that you can tell whether you're on track.

Achievable Work out if your goal is actually is going to fit into your life. Everyone is different so work out what is achievable for you.

Realistic Don't make your one-year goals too big. If your goal is around weight loss try to remember the journey that you have taken to get to where you are. It has probably taken time and there are many interconnected factors in your life that affect your results. It's really important to give yourself a break and make goals that are realistic for you.

Timely When is this goal going to be completed (Hint: Never). I strongly believe that every change that you make needs to be one that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. If you can't see yourself cutting out _____ for the rest of your life then don't cut out ______. Do you think you can find a happy balance?

Make a plan for failure We are not perfect and not getting it right every time is normal. Rather than just assuming everything is going to work out perfectly make a decision around what you are going to do when it doesn't. e.g. "I am going to plan to take a healthy snack to work every weekday, however, for when I forget I'm going to have a couple of healthy options available in my draw"

Set yourself up for success rather than failure

Don't dwell There are going to be times when things don't work out perfectly but the key is not to dwell on it and simply move on. Often when we continue to think about whatever happened it follows us around and even prevents us from getting back into a routine.

Just take one meal at a time and focus on the now

Build a network Set people up to help you with your goals by letting them know what you are doing and the part they can play. Be honest and open with those around you. Find someone who can be your wingman and has similar goals and work out the areas you can support each other with.

Everything works better when we're all on the same page

Make adjustments Things don't always go to plan so give yourself the opportunity to adjust throughout the year. Make a plan to check in monthly to see where you're at and if there are any adjustments that can make it easier to achieve your goals. This is also an opportunity to pick up your goals again if everything has gone by the wayside. Add a reminder to your calendar so that you don't forget.

Sometimes it takes us a few goes to get things right

Write it down Writing things down not only helps you to remember but also to reaffirm your goals. Stick your goal in a place where you will see it so that you are reminded of where you want to be.

Examples of goals for 2017

Finding movement that I enjoy by trying something different every month. This will include yoga, boxing, hiking, bike riding, walking, rock climbing etc

Drink an extra 1L of water every day by getting a 1L drink bottle that I like and trying to drink 1/2 before lunch time and then 1/2 after lunch time.

I'm going to take food to work every weekday which I'm going to make the night before. The main options I'm going to take are leftovers, meat, salad sandwich on grainy bread, the tomato salad I really like or a soup. I'm going to leave a few healthy options in the freezer at work for when I forget.

I'm going to get into a routine of eating breakfast by getting up 15 minutes earlier on work days and setting an alarm on weekends.

I'm going to have dinners that I've cooked at home 6 days a week. I'm going to do this by cooking big portions on Sundays and Wednesdays. I'm going to have some options available in the freezer for when I'm not able to do this.

Wishing you all the best for 2017, a year of possibilities!

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What are your 2017 goals? Let me know below.


xx Belinda

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